Making simple map with R

Some instructional guide on making simple map with R can be found at



Data Science Programs

In the hype of Big Data Analytics and Data Science, how many college programs have been created in the past few years to meet the end market demand workforce? Is your school catching up with the trend of education?

To get some idea of the list of programs, one can visit the following webpages:

Stat 101

In this big data age, everyone is required to have some data sense. Statistics as a science of data, becomes more and more important nowadays. Harvard’s Statistics 101 is a good starting point.

Data Science: Who’s baby?

If you tell people that you are a statistician, people may immediately think about data, because it is common to think that statisticians are data miners. In fact, this is just one side of a die. Statisticians not only run data analysis, more importantly develop statistical methodologies, supervise experimental design, and do simulation study. Furthermore, they help policy makers to make decision and provide suggestions. Thus, data crunching is just part of the work statisticians do.
Data science initially was termed by two well known statisticians. They are  Chien-Fu Jeff Wu ( and William S. Celeveland ( Here is a pretty nice presentation by Dr. Diego Kuonen, who cited the above two statisticians:

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