50 years of data science

Is “Data Analysis”  science? Is “Data Science” new?  To find answers for the two questions, please read the article by … More

Software Engineering

What is software engineering? According to Wikipedia, it is the study and an application of engineering to the design, development … More

Dr. Lianfen Qian

Lianfen Qian is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, Professor and Statistics … More

Math 101

To learn mathematics, you need some solid foundation in algebra. So let us start with Math 101 here.

Stat 101

In this big data age, everyone is required to have some data sense. Statistics as a science of data, becomes … More

Dr. Qingchuan Yao

Dr. Qingchuan Yao received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Michigan State University in 1997. He is an excellent teacher of mathematics and … More