Salary by Careers and Income by States

If you are interested in how much one can make for certain career, here is a fair site to get some idea:

If you are interested in how much income will make you middle class in USA, please visit: This site reorts that a recent study conducted by Pew Charitable Trusts shows that the 2015 middle class household income in USA has decreased from since 2000. The results based on the median income data from the US Census Burea’s 2013.


What is the most important thing Chelsea Clinton learned from the public health degree?

“Chelsea Clinton was interviewed at the Harvard Chan SPH’s Voices in Leadership series last week. “When Atul Gawande asked Clinton the most important thing she learned from the public health degree she earned at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health. She replied with one word—“Statistics”—eliciting laughter and applause from the audience. She said using statistical programs such as STATA helps her “absorb information more quickly and mentally sift through and catalog it.”

To see the question and her answer, please go to 24:30 of the video of Chelsea Clinton’s Q&A at
Also see the news article

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